How to plan a vacation to Instanbul?

1. Blue Mosque (Sultanahmet Camii)

The Blue Mosque in Istanbul is like a Monas in Jakarta or the Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur. If you want to visit this mosque, a traveler must pay attention to the right time to make a visit. The same thing with Monas which has its working hours. who came to the right.

The Blue Mosque will be closed about 30 minutes before and after the prayer time, except for those who want to perform the prayer. On Friday, the Blue Mosque is closed about one hour before and after Friday prayers, except for those who want to perform Friday prayers. prohibited from entering the mosque area. There is a neat storage area and a very neat Qur'an

2. Sultanahmet Park

Visiting Istanbul is incomplete if you miss the beauty of Sultanahment Park at night. Travelers can enjoy it by sitting on the park bench provided between Hagia Sophia.

When visiting in the summer between May to September, a traveler should not miss the sound and light show every night. There, a traveler can listen to a variety of songs in Turkish, English, French, and German. cheap and populist prices.

3. The Hippodrome

Not far from the Blue Mosque there is a tourist attraction called the Hippodrome. In the beginning this place was the former place of the biggest horse race in the world which contains about 100 thousand spectators. .

Now converted into a public park that has three monuments that are still remaining at that time. Monuments in the Hippodrome are monuments Obelisk, Serpentine Column, and German Fountain.

4. Grand Bazaar

Grand Bazaar is the largest shopping place in the world that was established in 1461. The Grand Bazzar area is around 54 thousand square meters. Grand Bazzar has four main doors, 64 aisles, and approximately 4 thousand stalls there. Grand Bazzar sells a variety of diverse souvenirs, accessories, to antiques. Grand Bazzar opens at 8:30 to 19:00 local time. Open every day except Sunday, the Grand Bazzar is also closed during the month of Ramadan. This place is highly sought after by women who want to berlanlanja with low prices and goods quality. Grand Bazaar is in high demand by tourists when going to thebulbul.

5. Istiklal Caddesi

Istiklal Caddesi is arguably the most popular hang out place in Istanbul. Located in the Beyoglu district, there travelers can find a variety of shopping, fun entertainment, cafes, night clubs, to art galleries and museums. Istiklal Caddesi was formerly known as' Grande Rue de Pera 'or the most elegant street in Istanbul

Where there are various shops and boutiques that are important in this city. Where is the best model and follow along with the development of beautiful times. Istiklal Caddesi will really give a color to the traveler's vacation when visiting Istanbul. The modern and classic building style of Istanbul adds a unique background when a traveler takes pictures there. Suitable for young people who want to upload photos on social media so that they are up to date

6. Gülhane Park

Gülhane Park is the oldest city in Istanbul which has been established since 1912. Gülhane Park is a popular destination for residents of Istanbul. This is because we can see the habits and culture of the city that is still held in high esteem by the surrounding community and elders in the village.

In spring traveler can also see the tulips that are blooming beautifully. The ticket prices are also quite affordable and we can buy tulips to be used as home decoration. The GülhanePark location is not far from the Gülhane tram stop, near the Topkapi Palace and the Istanbul Archeology Museum.

7. Hagia Sophia

Of all the tourist attractions, mosques and museums in Istanbul, Hagia Sophia is at the top of my list of "must-see places in Istanbul". I therefore entered a schedule to visit the Hagia Sophia in the early days.

After refreshing, in the morning we walked from the Airbnb apartment to Hagia Sophia. On the way, we stopped first to buy ice cream for both Kiddos. And we stopped many times to pet the cat. Gosh, wild cats in Turkey are jumbo-sized and adorable!

We spent half a day at Sultan Ahmet, after the Hagia Sophia we could all go to Sultan Ahmet Camii (Blue Mosque), but because we were tired, we decided to go home and take a nap hehe .. Very good.

How many times have we been asked, "Are you Malaysian? Please come in" when you entered the Grand Bazaar. We just ignored it. It's not shopping intentions, just photos. Although the air is very hot outside, inside

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