10 Best Attractions in Turkey that Must Be Visited

Who does not know Turkey. This country is one of the countries that has always been the choice of tourist destinations for travelers. In addition to storing attractive natural beauty, Turkey also has a lot of historic sites that store many stories that become its own attraction.

Buildings in Turkey are unique as a result of a blend of Europe and Asia. Many of them have a history of Islam. This uniqueness is what makes Turkey a destination for many tourists. For those of you who plan to vacation in this country, here are recommendations for tourist attractions in Turkey that must be visited.

1. Blue Mosque

The Blue Mosque is a magnificent mosque in Turkey that has a unique and amazing beauty. If you visit Turkey, it's not complete if you haven't been to this tourist spot. This mosque was built by Sultan Ahmed 1 who came from the 14th century Ottoman dynasty, while the construction of the building began in 1609.

Why is it called the Blue Mosque? The answer is because the tiles covering the walls and the dome of the mosque are blue. This mosque has 6 minarets which are said to have said Sultan Ahmed 1 was criticized for having the same number of minarets as the Grand Mosque in Mecca. To overcome this finally Sultan Ahmed 1 contributed the cost of making the 7th tower of the Haram.

If you want to go visit this mosque, you are required to wear modest clothes and women are required to wear the hijab. When entering the mosque complex, you will be presented with a magnificent and charming architecture of the Blue Mosque which is the largest mosque in Istanbul and has become one of the tourist attractions in Turkey that you must visit.

2. Galata Bridge

Galata Bridge or Galata Bridge is one of the tourist attractions in Turkey which is always crowded with tourists. When crossing the bridge that was built in 1836, you will see a scene that presents two different sides, namely European and Asian-style buildings. The uniqueness of this bridge is that this bridge consists of 2 levels. The top of the bridge is used for transportation of vehicles and pedestrians, while the lower level is filled with cafes and restaurants that have been open to the public since 2003. If you want to see the views of this bridge, evening and night is the best time. Usually when the afternoon arrives, this bridge will be more crowded with visitors. You can fill your stomach while accompanied by an amazing sunset view. The most popular culinary at Galata Bridge is Balik Ekmek, a type of snack made from grilled fish and bread.

3. Cappadocia

While on holiday in Turkey, Cappadocia is one of the tourist attractions in Turkey that you must visit. This tourist spot offers a very enchanting natural beauty. To get to these attractions, you can take a bus with a distance of about 12 hours from the city of Istanbul. Cappadocia offers extraordinary views like being on another planet. Views of valleys, canyons and hills dominate this tourist spot in Turkey. Another uniqueness of this tourist attraction in Turkey is that the houses, churches, restaurants and tunnels in the region are all made of stone carvings.

Some of the famous places of interest here include:

a. Goreme

Goreme is a unique city filled with buildings made of stone carvings. The stones are made manually and some are used as a residence by local residents. It's incomplete if you go to Goreme without boarding a hot air balloon. Here there is a hot air balloon tour which usually starts at sunrise. Looking at the valleys and hills from above combined with a stunning sunrise will make your vacation experience more memorable.

b. Urgup

In Urgup you can find lots of restaurants and also hotels that are in the cave.

c. Avano

Avanos is famous as a center for pottery and ceramics. In this city you can learn how to make pottery.

d. Culinary tour 

Cappadocia cuisine

Traveling won't be complete if you haven't tasted its culinary delights. The famous culinary in Cappadocia is Testi Kebab. The combination of meat and vegetables with delicious spices cooked using a clay pan is a pleasure that must be tried.

4. Konya

Konya has also managed to become one of the tourist attractions in Turkey which is a pity to miss. Included in the old city in Turkey, it is located quite close to the Turkish capital, which only takes about 3 hours, whereas from Istanbul, this place is about 660 km and can be reached for approximately 10 hours by car. The city is the center of Turkish culture and is also very popular with its religion.

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