10 Best Hotels in Australia

1. The Jamala Wildlife Lodge, Canberra

Located in the National Zoo and Aquarium complex, Canberra, The Jamala Wildlife Lodge hotel offers an unusual experience. You can eat and sleep with wild animals and only limited by a glass. The hotel offers 3 types of accommodation, namely Shaka Lodge, Giraffe Tree Houses, and Jungle Bungalows, each of which offers different types of animals. And also very interesting to test your guts when with a wild animal

2. Sydney Harbor Hotel, Sydney 

Sydney Harbor Hotel is a floating hotel located in the harbor of Sydney. The first floating hotel in Sydney gives a unique sensation, you can see views of the city of Sydney including the Sydney Opera House. However, currently there are only 2 suites complete with spa services. To reach this hotel, guests can use a speedboat. The hotel is suitable for couples who want a honeymoon and enjoy the beauty of the city of Sydney which feels self-owned because it has only two rooms

3. TRYP Hotel Brisbane

TRYP Hotel Brisbane at first glance might look like an art gallery, but this place is a unique hotel that consists of 6 floors, including a rooftop bar. For those of you lovers of art, staying at this hotel is the right thing because almost every corner has murals. TRYP by Wyndham is a hotel with an art theme that was the first in Australia, namely Brisbane. Previously there have been in various other world cities, such as Barcelona, ​​Paris and New York. This place is also suitable for art lovers and photo places that are really instagramable for today's children

4. QT Hotels

Opened for the first time in 2010, this modern design hotel is in great demand. Combining the themes of Gothic, Art Deco and Italian architecture, this hotel is one of the unique hotels in Australia. All hotel rooms are equipped with comfortable beds, free wifi, and also a comfortable bathroom. QT Hotel can be found on Market Street, Sydney. This hotel is highly sought after by young people who want a very instragramable photo to be uploaded on social media. This hotel is also suitable for those of you who want to honeymoon with your partner.

5. Freemantle Prison YHA

Fremantle Prison YHA is a former prison hotel which is included in the list of World Historical Heritage in Western Australia. This hotel was used as a prison from 1855 to 1991. You can choose to sleep in a prison cell or prison ward. The bed that was used was still in the form of a terraced mattress with sheets and cabinets that have been updated. If we stay there feels back in the era of world history and feel where prisoners sleep in prison cells

6. Black Sheep Inn

Black Sheep Inn is an inn in New South Wales. The place that was originally a warehouse has become a unique and interesting inn. The walls are covered in iron and copper like a warehouse. There is also a table for making wool and wool shaving machines like in a sheep pen. Staying at this place will give you a unique sensation. This place also makes us feel like staying in our own warehouse but like a hotel with its own uniqueness.

7. White Cliffs Underground

Want to feel a hotel stay with a different sensation? White Cliffs Underground you can try. All rooms of this hotel are built underground, including the bar, shops and exhibition space. Because it is located underground, you will get a calm, quiet, cold and dark atmosphere. All of this will make a unique experience for you. This hotel is suitable for those of you who want to feel for yourself and live like the old days with no light at all. The experience makes your brain more refreshing.

8. Desert Cave Hotel

Located in Coober Pedy, South Australia, Desert Cave Hotel is the only international standard underground hotel. Although built from sandstone, the hotel still feels cool and dry. No need to worry you will have difficulty breathing or tightness, because the construction of this hotel has been based on the Department of Health procedures. The hotel is taken from the ancient concept of stone and sand and you can feel staying in a hotel like that

9. The Witch’s Hat

The Witch’s Hat is one of the unique hotels in Perth, Australia which is already well-known among backpackers. As the name implies, the roof of the hotel is shaped like a witch hat like in the Harry Potter movie. Its location is a bit far from the city center, it is suitable for those of you who want calm and comfort. And need time alone to calm all affairs of boredom in the middle of the city. And breathe fresh air, clean.

10. Out Mount Gambler Gaol

A prison located in Mount Gambier, now used as a hotel. Prison that functioned from 1866 to 1995 has now become a lodging place that is open to the public. There are 2 types of rooms in this hotel, namely cell and non cell rooms. There are some rooms that are still exactly the same as the conditions in prison. It is suitable for those of you who want to feel a unique and different sensation. You can live like prisoners or prisoners who are in prison but are very comfortable because the concept is to commemorate ancient prisons.

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