10 of the best tourist attractions in Qatar

Travel lovers get back their passions while visiting beautiful and charming new tourist attractions. Opportunity to explore tourist attractions throughout Indonesia is an opportunity that should not be missed. Moreover, if you have the opportunity to explore the beauty of tourist destinations throughout the world, one of which is in Qatar. Qatar is one of the countries in the Middle East region, close to Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. Traveling in Qatar has a thick Middle Eastern feel as you can find in tourist attractions in Saudi Arabia and tourist attractions in Bahrain. Qatar also has a variety of culinary specialties that you must taste in Qatar restaurants. The road also forgets to buy souvenirs typical of Qatar as memories and fruits for family and friends. That is the reason why Qatar tourist attractions have always been the target of tourists, not only domestic tourists, but from various countries. Then, where are the attractive tourist destinations in Qatar? Consider the following:

1. Hotel Atlantis

Hotel Atlantis is a center for a complete range of public facilities, ranging from meeting rooms, restaurants, bars, rooms, etc. that are priced at an inflated price but help you get maximum satisfaction. From the center of the capital, you only need to travel 30 minutes from the international airport. Not only a comfortable stay, but the tourist destinations in it are very charming. Rest at night, you will be spoiled by the view of the artificial island illuminated by the lights in the area, very romantic. There are more than 1500 rooms ready for booking intended for those who want to honeymoon, do business, travel, stay and much more.

2. Palm Tree

Artificial Island Palm Tree is a tourist destination that attracts many foreign tourists. Has a design similar to tourist attractions in Singapore with a model that resembles a palm tree. Yup, that's the reason why this tourist spot is called the Artificial Palm Tree Island. Among the many tourist areas that you can find in the middle east, the Artificial Palm Tree Island is an island that attracts many tourists because of its beauty.

Who designed this tourist attraction? He is Nakhel Properties where this place is located in the Persian Gulf. This artificial island does not look poor and ancient, but when you set foot in this location, you can rent luxury villas and apartments in this area. The business locations, resorts, and offices with a very luxurious atmosphere. Suitable for your holiday destination who at the same time want to settle business matters with coworkers.

3. Museum of Art

In the Museum of Islamic Art you can see various collections of Islamic art and culture that have been collected from three continents for 1400 years. This museum also has an interesting architecture that carries a minimalist modern style that is very inviting. At the front of the museum there is a very large pool to provide cool air for each visitor. Each area around the museum courtyard is also decorated with minimalist pillars that can become a unique photo background.

You can see various types of Islamic art and cultural goods which are displayed in a dramatic layout and lighting and highly aesthetic values ​​are taken into account. The concept of the museum display is guaranteed not to bore you exploring every part of the museum. Starting from ceramics, jars, beautiful fabrics, manuscripts in Arabic, and other collections are stored and always cared for in this museum.

4. Katara Culture Village

Katara Cultural Village is one of the tourist attractions in Qatar which is a shame if you miss it. Here, you can get to know and learn various world cultures. This tourist area has a very thick multicultural value. With the concept of large areas such as settlements, every corner of the Katara Cultural Village houses various cultures from around the world. The various landmarks in the Katara Cultural Village that you can visit include, Amphiteather nuances of Greece combined with Islamic culture, Katara's Garden, The Golden, Mosque, and The Mosque of Katara. Another famous landmark in this tourist area is Pigeon Tower which has a unique architecture. Not only seeing the beauty of various landmarks, many cultural activities are held in this place. From handicraft workshops to cultural arts performances held at Drama Theater. This area is located in Doha, Qatar and is open to the public for 24 hours.

5. Souq Waqif

Souq Waqif is located right in Doha. What's interesting about this location is that there are many choices of goods at quite affordable prices. This is a suitable place for you to buy souvenirs at economical prices. On either side of it surrounded by a variety of high-rise buildings, offices, apartments and luxury hotels. This traditional shopping center provides enough profit for the Qatari government so it is not surprising that in the midst of the modernity of the buildings on the right and left, this market is still maintained by the local government.

6. Qatar National Museum

It feels less if visiting a and missed an opportunity to learn the culture and history. Don't forget to visit the National Museum of Qatar. This one country seems to really appreciate the history and cultural heritage of the past. Many museums in this country are always being renovated to make it look modern and not outdated. So that local and foreign tourists will be interested in visiting this one museum.

There are various collections that you can see in every corner of this magnificent and luxurious museum. Starting from the collection of Islamic art and culture to modern paintings from Arabia. In this museum there is also an exhibition of pearl stones, ranging from still shaped beads to beautiful pearl crowns. You can also learn and get a lot of information about the development of ancient Qatar towards modernization through various documents and photo documentation. Open Hours Sunday - Thursday: 7.30-13.30

7. Doha Katara Mosque

In terms of breadth and magnificent it is not as big and grand as other mosques in the world. Even so, this mosque comes with a combination of colors, designs and unique floors. The mosque floor comes from the majority of shia floors. As for who gets permission to enter this mosque are those who are symbols of the Arab, African and Persian traditions.

8. Kaseem Darwish Fakhroo Islamic

The structure of the building is spiral so it is different from buildings in general. This building received positive appreciation from the people and the world that was built in 2005 after the destruction of Samarra in Iraq. Come, visit Kaseem Darwish Fakhroo Islamic and at the same time take a spiral tower. From above the height, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery that unfolds broadly below. 

9. The Corniche

The Corniche is for those of you who want to enjoy an open and fresh room. Yes, this is the best place to spend time in this city with your legal partner. Walking on the edge of the Corniche beach with a curved boulevard is a fun activity. There is a green grass on the beach, and quite close to other tourist destinations, the Museum of Islamic Art.

10. Desert Safari

Qatar tourist attractions this one offers the exotic desert of Qatar. Take it easy! You will not feel hot, let alone have to hold thirst in this tourist spot. In addition to exploring the beauty of the Desert while having fun, you can travel around the desert by renting camels, four-wheeled vehicles along with experienced tour guides who will arrange the right vehicle for you to use as well as the food.

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